2010 Survey Comments and Library Actions | Webster University

2010 Survey Comments and Library Actions



Catalog and Organization of Collection


Ease of use

Several users commented that the catalog is difficult to navigate and unattractive. This fall we are planning to investigate catalog "overlay" software, which integrates catalog and article database search results and provides enhanced searching features. We are also hoping to redesign our catalog interface after a planned upgrade to our catalog system.


Problems with organization of the video collection

Our A/V collection is organized using the Library of Congress classification scheme, like most of the rest of our collection. This allows us to shelve like items next to each other, and makes the collection easier to browse. We will work on improving our signage in the A/V area to help direct users to different types of materials. Users looking for a particular type of video may be interested in our Video Search Express service, which can be accessed by clicking on " Videos/DVDs" on the home page.


Materials Purchased for the Library


More popular reading

Earlier this spring we created the Popular Reading area just inside the front doors of the Library. Many titles from the New York Times Bestsellers List can be found here, and we are regularly adding to this collection. If there are popular titles you'd like to recommend, use our suggestion box at the first floor service desk in the Library or submit your suggestion through our new online suggestion box.


More, updated materials in a variety of areas; minimize need to borrow via MOBIUS and interlibrary loan

Subject librarians are constantly purchasing new materials (books, videos, music) to support the Webster curriculum. If there are specific titles, authors, or subjects you are interested in, don't hesitate to let us know. We are also constantly in the process of weeding items from the collection that are outdated or rarely used--but the collection is large. As you come across areas that need improvement, let us know. You can make suggestions through our new online suggestion box.


Add current textbooks

Libraries rarely purchase textbooks for the library collection. Purchasing a textbook only benefits one or two students throughout the term of the semester since as soon as it is checked out, it is unavailable to the rest of the class. We instead use our funds to buy materials that amplify the learning that happens in the classroom and beyond. The bookstore has a new option this year--textbook rental--that gives you a less pricey way to read those required texts for class.


Make more materials available online

Our Number One goal in the area of developing our collections is to increase online access to quality resources. While online materials are expensive (and sometimes not yet available), this is still a major focus of the subject liaison librarians as we seek to provide the best access possible to all of our students. We'll continue this direction of growth, but if you have specific suggestions for online materials, please submit them through our online suggestion box..


Make image and video databases available to campuses outside the U.S.

Any database the library subscribes to is available to students, faculty, and staff at our European, Asian, and U.S. campuses. This includes one of our newer databases, ARTstor, and a growing number of video databases. If you experience problems accessing content, please contact a reference librarian via our Ask a Librarian service.


More current video collection with better selection

The purpose of the video collection is to support the curriculum of the university. Because most film studies classes focus on classic works and established directors, the library maintains a collection of older titles. In an effort to add future classics to the collection, Oscar, Emmy, Sundance, Cannes and other award-winning and nominated titles have been purchased. Also, School of Communications faculty members regularly donate additional popular film titles. To suggest a film for the library to purchase, use our online suggestion form or contact your subject liaison librarian.


Replace VHS with DVD and streaming video

Thanks to your suggestions, we will be working over the next few years to convert as much of our collection to DVD or online streaming media as possible. The liaison librarians purchase DVDs when adding new content to the collection. However, there are rare occasions when a faculty member requests a film that is only available in VHS. We will begin by focusing on the most-frequently-used items, but if there are specific videos that should be given priority, don't hesitate to let us know.


Damaged DVDs

If you check out a movie that is damaged or scratched, please let us know when you return the item. We will attempt to repair the film, or replace it. Because items in our video collection support the curriculum in all subject areas, we have to allow the entire university community the opportunity to check out these materials, but because of your comments we have purchased a professional-grade disk cleaner.


More books on tape or CD

This is an area we have been considering growing. We'd be happy to add more. If there are specific titles you are interested in, share them with your subject liaison librarian or fill out our online suggestion form..


Access to archaeological material online

We have access to approximately 47 journals dealing with archaeology--two are on our shelves, and the other 45 are available online.

Contact the Research desk, and we'd be happy to help you access them!


More business classics; more materials on procurement and acquisition

We want a collection that fulfills your needs. Feel free to contact Mary Erwin, our business liaison librarian, directly (maerwin@webster.edu), if you have suggestions for any business or management related materials.


More DVDs and videos for contemporary dance choreographers and companies

The liaison to the Dance Department, Emily Scharf (emilyscharf99@webster.edu) has been working with Beckah Voigt the department chair to expand our collection of dance videos. We added a number of new videos last spring and are currently working on a wish list from dance department faculty. We have shared specific suggestions from the survey with the department and they will be deciding soon what to purchase with their library funds. Look for more new videos this year.

You can link to our monthly new titles list from the library homepage by clicking on "New titles in the library catalog", selecting DVDs, then scrolling down the list to the call number GV for dance items.

Another library resource for dance videos is the database Dance in Video. It offers recordings of dance performances and documentaries on choreographers and performers. If you haven't explored this database yet, be sure to take a look.


Improved selection of Political Science and International Relations books, journals, and electronic resources

These requests have been referred to the subject liaison, in this case, Matt Wier. Matt is keenly aware of the importance of adding to our collection of eBooks and purchases access to eBooks when they are available from our vendors. Feel free to contact him directly (mwier@webster.edu), if you have suggestions for International Relations or Political Science materials.


More journals and magazines

If you have specific journals or magazines you'd like to see in the library or online through the library, contact your subject liaison librarian.


Better music collection

The library has a substantial collection of music scores, books on music, and CDs and DVDs of music in the areas related to our curriculum. Additionally, we have numerous databases on which patrons can listen to vast amounts of music. If you have specific suggestions of materials you think we should add, we'd be happy to consider them. Please feel free to offer suggestions of specific titles to our Music Liaison, Wendy Schlegel (schlegelw@webster.edu), and we will do our best to accommodate requests as long as they are within the scope of our collection guidelines.


More jazz and classical selections

We subscribe to Naxos Music Library, Naxos Music Library Jazz, Database of Recorded American Music (DRAM), and Music Online. These databases offer thousands of classical and jazz recordings. That said, we are always interested in further developing our collection. Suggestions of performers and specific titles would be welcomed. Please feel free to offer suggestions of specific titles to our Music Liaison, Wendy Schlegel (schlegelw@webster.edu), and we will do our best to accommodate requests as long as they are within the scope of our collection guidelines.


More Miles Davis-related materials

In the Naxos Music Library Jazz database, "Miles Davis" retrieved 108 hits; many of these are entire albums of Miles Davis, while others are single tracks of Miles on other albums. Even in Naxos Music Library, which is primarily devoted to classical music but also contains a good deal of jazz, blues, world music, etc., there were 87 hits for "Miles Davis." There is also jazz in the database "Music Online" (with 576 hits for Miles Davis). Our library catalog itself lists about 150 entries for Miles Davis. Please feel free to contact our Research Desk for assistance anytime your search results seem unusual.


Request for newer copies of popular books and scores

We are routinely working to upgrade the condition and currency of our collection. A lot of older books on music remain the standards and do not go out of date in quite the same way that, for example, science books do; nevertheless, we are always interested in acquiring current books on topics that are relevant to our curriculum. Please suggest specific titles whenever you notice anything that is lacking by contacting our Music Liaison, Wendy Schlegel (schlegelw@webster.edu), and we will do our best to accommodate requests as long as they are within the scope of our collection guidelines.

Concerning scores, they also do not go out of date in the same way that books in other subjects do. That said, we always are interested in trying to maintain and upgrade the quality of the scores that we have. Please bear in mind that scores often receive somewhat rougher handling than do books, and we try to preserve these materials as best we can. When we notice damaged materials, we try to repair or replace them.


More anesthesia-related and medical/nursing journals, especially with online full-text

There are at least 36 anesthesia-related journals and 300 nursing-related journals in the library's physical and online collection. To find these, do a search in the Journal/Magazine/Newspaper List (using the subject search box). If there are specific articles you need that we do not have, please take advantage of our free interlibrary loan service. It would also be a great idea to notify your subject liaison librarian, Holly Hubenschmidt (hollyh@webster.edu), with the titles of the journals, and she can look into adding new subscriptions.


Lack of "hard science" articles

Hard science journals are dreadfully expensive, but if there are any titles that you think the library should consider subscribing to, don't hesitate to notify your subject liaison librarian, Holly Hubenschmidt (hollyh@webster.edu).


More materials related to video games or the current video game industry

The subject liaison librarian for the School of Communications, Sarah Reando (sarahreando96@webster.edu), is in charge of purchasing materials to support the video game design curriculum. She is working on expanding the collection and will look into purchasing materials on the video game industry.


More eBooks, and problems with eBooks

We try to collect eBooks when we can, but many published books are not available as eBooks. If you ever have a problem with an eBook, please contact the Research Desk, and we can help talk you through it.


Online Resources & Technology


Online databases


Requests for more and improved full-text in the databases

Our Number One goal in the area of developing our collections is to increase online access to quality resources. While online full-text and other materials are expensive (and sometimes not yet available), this is still a major focus of the subject liaison librarians as we seek to provide the best access possible to all of our students. We'll continue this direction of growth, but if you have specific suggestions for online materials, let your subject liaison librarian know.


Difficulty using databases

Research can be a difficult and messy product, but please remember that you are not alone! We have research librarians standing by to assist you, subject liaison librarians who can help you navigate the specialized resources in your field, and a variety of video and html tutorials to try to clarify the process. We suggest you use the 20-Minute Rule. If you are not finding what you need in the library or on our website after 20 minutes of looking, contact us and we will help!


Poor quality of PDFs in full-text databases

Any time you find database articles or other online materials that are not legible, call or e-mail a librarian at the Reference Desk . We will determine if the problem can be fixed quickly or if we can supply you the information from another source.


Access to the databases for alumni

Please consider becoming a Research Fellow. You'll find details at: http://library.webster.edu/services/resfellow.html.


Request to automatically fill in article request forms with information from Article Linker

We will investigate this and do it if we are able to.


Problems printing to A4 paper

If you use A4 paper rather than 8 x 11" paper, you may want to try scaling your PDF or other document files to the paper size you use. To do this in Acrobat, click Print, then select "Fit to Printable Area" from the "Page Scaling" option. In Word, click Print and change the "Scale to Paper Size" option to "A4".


Slow online access

While sometimes the Internet itself seems to slow down unreasonably, we're happy to see if this is a problem that we can resolve by contacting a database provider or our in-house systems staff. Contact the Reference Desk when this happens and we'll see if this is something we can fix.




Difficulty navigating library website, especially database pages

We are working to improve navigation and overall usability of our website. We are redesigning the database pages this year and hope to make them more intuitive. We designed the home page so that the most used services are on the front page along with a "Resources for" page for users by their location or status. We have redesigned the "Articles/databases" page this summer so that our A-Z database list is much easier to find. One survey respondent suggested using the phrase "Are you looking for?" We liked that idea and we have used that wording on the top of our home page. We are always are open to users' suggestions, so please let us know how you think we can make our website better!


Problems checking the status of a book request

We have redesigned the book request pages on the website and we have given a more step-by-step process for requesting books. In these pages, we have information on how you can find out the status of your order. If you requested the book via the library catalog, you can check the status of your request by choosing "My library account" found in the top banner of any page.


Difficulty finding eReserves

We do think that eReserves is a very useful service and it can be found on the top list of items on our home page. It is up to individual instructors to use the service.




Request for color printing and/or copying

We would like to offer access to color printing and copying, but unfortunately this would be cost-prohibitive. You may wish to use one of our scanners (in the Listening/Viewing Area and on the 2nd floor of the Café) to scan materials for printing elsewhere. Mail and Copy provides color printing. They can be contacted by phone at 314-246-7421 or via e-mail at copyctr@webster.edu


Request to fill printers and copiers with paper more frequently

We typically fill paper about three times each day, but we are working to schedule more frequent refills.


Printer and copier problems

We made some changes to our print servers this summer that should reduce printing errors. Please report any printer or copier problems to one of the service desks.


Request for free copying

We provided free print/copy cards as an interim solution while we finished our copy/print contract. Once we finished the contract, we went to completely free printing. We'd like to provide free copying as well as free printing, but unfortunately the cost to purchase robust copiers, and to provide paper and toner for free copying is prohibitive. You may wish to use one of our scanners (in the Listening/Viewing Area and on the 2nd floor of the Café) to scan materials for printing.


Make more printers available

In addition to the printers in the eCommons and on the second floor of the Café, we have added a printer in the Lower level and made printing available in the eClassroom, which is available for drop-in use when it is not scheduled for a class. Budget constraints prevent us from adding any more printers at this time.


Request to designate a print-only computer for people who only need to print something quickly

We really like the idea of a quick print-only computer station, and we have added one in the eCommons, near the printer!


Request to add computers, printers and copiers on the 3rd and 4th floors

We have designated our third and fourth floors and Lower level as quiet spaces. Since computer work frequently can be collaborative and noisy, we have tried to keep the majority of our computers and printers on other floors.


Request to keep printing free

We are glad that users are happy with free printing, and we hope to be able to keep printing free. Students, faculty, and staff can help us with this by trying to reduce waste. Please print double-sided when possible. Printing is free for academic-related purposes, but we ask that students pay 10¢/copy at the first floor service desk when printing for non-academic uses.


Suggestion to put signage about the default to double-sided printing at the computers

We like this suggestion a lot, and have added signage about double-sided printing at the computers for the fall semester.


Problems printing from a laptop

Unfortunately we are not able to offer printing from laptops at this time. If you'd like to print from a laptop to the library's printers, you may wish to use a flash drive to save the materials and access them from a library computer for printing.


Concerns about wasteful printing

We are monitoring print volumes and are working with university administration to weigh the costs of free printing against the costs and inconvenience to students of a pay printing system. We still consider free printing a trial, and we will continue to remind students to not be wasteful.




Request for upgraded computers

Working with university IT and administration, we have been able to upgrade our public computers every three years. This fall our newest computers are in the eClassroom, which is available for use as a lab when classes are not being held in it.


Request to clean computers more frequently

We try to clean our computers on a daily basis, but when computers are in heavy demand, we may have difficulty getting to them to clean them. We also provide disinfectant wipes in each of our computer areas that you may use if you'd like to ensure that your computer is clean. If you notice problem areas, please report them at one of our service desks.


Request to do weekly maintenance on computers

We do daily reboots, and will investigate doing more intensive maintenance on a weekly basis.


Request to move computers into study rooms for group work

We plan to promote the third and fourth floors and Lower level as quiet spaces this year. We are also exploring the possibility of putting a computer on a cart that can be checked out and used in any available study room.


Problems with computer availability

Last fall we opened our eClassroom for drop-in use when not in use for a class. We have also added four computers to the Lower level, bringing the total number of computers in that area to twelve. We will work to publicize use of these spaces, and will monitor usage to determine if more computers are needed.


Suggestion to have some computers dedicated to catalog searching

We have computers dedicated to searching the cataloging in the third, fourth and Lower level stacks, as well as in the first floor Current Periodicals area, the Listening/Viewing area, and the main lobby. Since these computers are spread throughout the library, our users may not realize they are there. We will work to promote their use this year.


More, updated Macs

Because we have a somewhat limited suite of software, we have standardized on PCs to simplify maintenance of our computers so that we can provide a more stable, robust computing experience. However, we realize that some people do prefer Macs, and we have replaced our two outdated Macs and have added two more Macs.


Requests for additional software

We received requests to install Adobe Creative Suite on more computers, to install the Microsoft development suite, and to install an alternative to Internet Explorer. Budgetary constraints prevent us from installing all of the programs in use at the labs. We are not able to install Microsoft's development suite, but we do have six copies of Adobe CS4 Design Premium, and we plan to add two more. We have tried to standardize on Internet Explorer to simplify management of our PCs. However, like you, we have noticed that some web sites don't work well with IE. We have installed Firefox on all of our public PCs for the fall semester.



Additional, more robust wireless coverage in the library

Webster's Information Technology Department is working on improving wi-fi access across campus, including in the library. Until that project is completed, be aware that you can check out network cables at the 1st floor service desk for use at one of our many wired tables, carrels, or seating spaces throughout the library. Once the library is completely wireless, we will make sure to publicize it!


Policies and Services


Borrowing rules


Problems with being denied loans and being charged overdues for books returned on time

If you ever have any questions with loans, overdue fees, or any other aspect of your library account please contact the first floor service desk staff in person, over the phone at 314-246-6952 or via e-mail at circ@webster.edu and we'll be happy to help.


Request to borrow reference materials, and for longer circulation periods for videos

Reference books may not be checked out. They should always be available for you and the rest of the Webster University community. You may photocopy or scan pages from a reference book to refer to later. Ask at the Reference Desk for assistance. As for our videos, this collection is very popular with our users. Each movie circulates for just 3 days in order to maximize its availability. However, if no one has requested the movie you have checked out, you may request up to 2 renewals for it.


Access to MOBIUS borrowing for alumni

Unfortunately the MOBIUS service is not available to alumni. However, alumni do have access to borrowing books from our library; for information about obtaining a library card, as well as other services available to alumni see our Library services for alumni page.




Problems accessing Reserves

Our in-library reserve material is available to students on a first-come, first served basis and it circulates for a period determined by the instructor. If you have any questions about the availability of an in-library course reserve you can either inquire at the first floor circulation desk or check online.


Problems accessing or (for faculty) posting to eReserves

If you ever have any questions about eReserves or problems using it, please contact our eReserves Coordinator, Greg Kettinger, at kettigre@webster.edu or 314-246-7813. We are working on documentation for faculty which should help explain the process of posting documents on eReserves.


MOBIUS, Interlibrary Loan, & Document Delivery


Requests take too long; would like more full-text available instead

It takes an average of 5-7 business days for an article which we've requested for you to arrive and an average of 7-10 business days for a book to arrive. We realize that this can present difficulties, particularly for those enrolled in 8 or 9-week classes. That's why our Number One goal in the area of developing our collections is to increase online access to quality resources. If you have specific suggestions for online materials, let your subject liaison librarian know.


Never received notification that requested Interlibrary Loan items were available

We respond to all of the requests we receive by sending an e-mail to the address the patron provides on the request form. If you have any questions about the status of your interlibrary loan request, e-mail ill@webster.edu or contact our Interlibrary Loan Coordinator, Sara Fitzpatrick, at 314-246-7807. We are working on implementing new interlibrary loan request software which will allow you to check the status of all of your requests online.


Would like to borrow videos and other A/V materials via MOBIUS and Interlibrary Loan

Unfortunately, A/V materials do not circulate through the MOBIUS system, and we are not able to place Interlibrary Loan requests for them. If you would like to suggest a video or other A/V title for purchase, please use our new online suggestion form..


Extended campus users having difficulties using Document Delivery to obtain materials

We are working to update our web site to make our information about Document Delivery as clear as possible. If you have problems with Document Delivery, or have questions about the status of your requests, please contact us at docdel@webster.edu. We are working on implementing a new piece of software which will give our users a single place to sign in and see the status of all of their requests and view the materials they order.


Problems with MOBIUS requests and loans

If you need assistance with finding and requesting books in MOBIUS, please stop by the Reference Desk on the second floor, call us at 314-968-6950 or 800-985-4279, or use our Ask a Librarian service. When the book you have requested from MOBIUS is available, we will send a notice to your Webster e-mail account. You can also inquire about the status of your requests or request other assistance in person at the first floor service desk, over the phone by calling 314-246-6952, or online. Each MOBIUS book circulates for 3 weeks and you may request up to two renewals per book.


Problems with the scan quality of articles

Please contact us at ill@webster.edu if you have difficulty reading a document and we'll do what we can to fix the problem.


Request to create a special MOBIUS pickup category for Missouri campuses outside St. Louis

We agree and are adding a new pickup location to the catalog.


Library instruction


Library instruction sessions are not engaging; some programs provide too many library instruction sessions

When a library instruction session is scheduled, we work closely with your instructor to tailor our presentation to a specific assignment or project. We are noticing that some programs seem to book library sessions for many of their classes, and we are working with these faculty members to identify a few classes where a library instruction session is appropriate. We'll try harder to make our instruction more engaging.


Never received library instruction

We work hard to see as many students as possible in library instruction sessions. Occasionally a faculty member simply cannot find the time to accommodate such a session during class time. If you have a project that requires research and you have not had any library orientation or if the scope of the project goes beyond the resources you are comfortable with, we can schedule a one-on-one session with a librarian (we call it our Book-a-Librarian Service). We're happy to set aside time to work with you either in person or over the phone. Contact the Research Desk to make an appointment.



Building & Facilities


Tables in need of cleaning

Our custodians work very hard to keep the library clean but with the heavy use it receives, this isn't always possible. If you notice an area that needs immediate attention, please let the staff at the main floor service desk know.


Request to check that desk lights are working

This summer we inventoried every overhead, floor, and desk light, and replaced bulbs as needed. We will make this an annual project.


Problems with building temperature

We will try to monitor the building's temperature settings more often, especially during seasonal changes. If you notice an area that needs immediate adjusting, though, please tell the staff at the first floor service desk.


Study space issues

Users wished that more study rooms were available, and noted that often study rooms are occupied by just one person. We are very happy that students love our study rooms, and we understand the frustration when these are not available for group projects. We will improve our signage to point individuals to other private areas such as the private carrels on the 3rd and 4th floors, so the rooms are more available for groups. Remember that you can reserve rooms if you know ahead of time that your group will need one. See the "Reserve a room" link on the library's web site. Also, some students may not know that the library has several group studies on the Lower level (one floor below the main floor on Edgar Road). These are often available when the others are full. Users also requested a longer table in the Café. The layout and space available in the Café may make it difficult to use larger tables, but we will investigate whether this is a possibility.



Request for longer hours

Following the 2007 survey we increased weekend hours and also worked with the Student Government Association on increasing hours. Keeping the entire library open 24/7 is cost prohibitive due to the increased staff costs and also the costs for lighting, heating, and air-conditioning. We are pleased to report, however, that based on your feedback in this survey, the University has provided funding to increase weekend hours further. Beginning in Fall II, our open hours will be 8:00am to Midnight seven days a week.



General noise issues

The Library was designed to support quiet study as well as collaborative work, which can get noisy. The third and fourth floors and Lower level, our designated quiet study areas, include a wide variety of comfortable seating and study spaces. This year we will work on a marketing campaign to promote awareness of the quiet study areas and to encourage users to be quiet in these areas.


Café noise

In the design of the building, we tried to balance users' wide variety of study habits by providing collaborative and social spaces along with private and quiet spaces. During the library's open hours, you can move to a more quiet space, but this is not possible after hours as you know. As the only 24 hour study space on campus, the Cyber Café can sometimes fail at meeting specific needs depending on who is there. The 2nd floor tends to be quieter but we understand that sound can carry from the 1st floor. If you ever feel that the noise is truly disruptive and you do not feel comfortable asking those individuals to tone it down, please call Public Safety from one of the wall phones and they will assist you.


Other Comments


Missing A/V materials

If you are unable to find an item, the staff at the first floor service desk will gladly help you search for what you're looking for and should always offer to put a hold on the item if unable to locate it. When we can't find an item we change its status in the catalog to on search and then methodically search for it.


Issues with Kaldi's hours and services

We have passed all of the comments on Kaldi's to the University's food service company, which runs Kaldi's. Since the coffee counter has to operate on a cost recovery basis (it does not make a profit), it was never intended to be open as many hours as the library or the Cyber Café. We understand that students studying late need access to food and drinks so we installed the vending machines. If you have problems with the machines, please let us know the following day if you can, so we can get them fixed.


Inclement weather alarm inside the building

The Library has a disaster plan for getting all users to safety in the event of an emergency. We appreciate your vigilance about such issues and your cooperation should we need to implement our plan!


Poor cellular service reception

We, too, are frustrated with the lack of cell phone reception, but we find that calling from near the windows or in the stairwells usually works well. Sometimes the lack of cell phone reception can be a bonus when you have a project to do.


More book giveaways

What a fun idea! We will see if we can incorporate some book giveaways into events this upcoming year.


Trouble with online room reservation forms

We know any technology glitch can be frustrating. Please don't hesitate to call us if things are not working smoothly. We want to make sure that you have the room you need and that we correct the situation.


Faculty research support

Check out our faculty research support page. Your subject liaison librarian can oversee support for almost all your research needs. Whether you are in St. Louis or South Carolina or Vienna or Thailand, we'd love to work with you!


Updates on library services via e-mail

Great idea! If you are on Facebook or Twitter, look for feeds from Webster University Library for the latest highlights. We'll look into an e-mail blast as well. Please let us know if you have other suggestions!


800 numbers are not free from international campuses

You are right, and we still don't have a good work-around for international phone support! We check our e-mail often and are looking into chat reference to try to be more responsive to our users at international sites.


Lack of support at US extended campuses

None of the Webster extended campuses in the U.S. have libraries, but the main campus library's mission is to provide quality services and resources for you. In order to provide the best overall library possible, we offer centralized support from our main library in St. Louis, providing extended campus and online students with the same level of resources and services that we provide to main campus students. We can send you books and videos from our collection at no charge via UPS with a return mailer (all at no charge of course!). We offer over 20,000 eBooks and tens of thousands of electronic journals through the main library website. We can answer quick questions you have via our toll free number (1-800-985-4279), set up phone appointments for more in-depth assistance, and advise you via e-mail if you prefer. Check out all of the resources and services available to you as a Webster University student at a U.S. extended campus at: http://library.webster.edu/services/ We look forward to working with you!


Lack of support at international campuses

Being 1000s of miles away from the overseas campuses does make it hard for Webster's home campus library to provide additional support along with your home campus libraries (in Geneva, Leiden, London, Thailand, and Vienna). Issues of shipping costs and customs hurdles make sending materials to Europe and Asia infeasible. Although we face these obstacles in supporting your research, we work hard to give you access to materials virtually. We offer over 20,000 eBooks and tens of thousands of electronic journals through the main library website. We can also scan and e-mail chapters of our printed books. Over the last few years we've begun adding databases of streaming videos and music. We can also answer quick questions or provide more in-depth assistance via e-mail. Check out all of the resources and services available to you as a Webster University student at an international extended campus at http://library.webster.edu/services/infoservinternational.html.


Not aware of library services

The Webster University Library in St. Louis is your library--whether you are in St. Louis or miles away in any direction. No matter where you are, we have over 20,000 eBooks, databases of streaming videos, and 10s of 10,000s of articles available online in full-text through the Library website. We will send you books and videos that are physically in our collection if you need them. We will borrow materials from other libraries to send to you. And it's all free! We have reference librarians standing by to assist you by phone (1-800-985-4279) or e-mailsubject liaison librarians who can help you navigate the specialized resources in your field, and a variety of video and html tutorials to try to clarify the process. We suggest you use the 20-Minute Rule. If you are not finding what you need in the library or on our website after 20 minutes of looking, contact us and we will help!