2007 Satisfaction Survey Results | Webster University

Webster University Library's Satisfaction Survey - Spring 2007

In spring 2007, the Webster University Library conducted an online survey of user satisfaction with the library's materials, services, technology, and facilities. A total of 946 survey responses were received from students, faculty, and staff at the St. Louis and extended campuses, and in the online programs. Overall, the responses showed a high degree of satisfaction with the library. Nearly all satisfaction-related questions received an average response score ranging from "very satisfied" to "satisfied".


Emerson Library Satistfaction Data: Overall average for all questions


Survey respondents were also invited to provide open-ended comments, and 413 of the responses included nearly 750 open-ended comments covering approximately 80 topics. The most frequent type of comment, at 34%, involved compliments on the library, its staff, and services. Areas where improvements were suggested included: Passports, including the website and online databases (15% of all comments), the copy/print system (10%), materials purchased for the library (9%), and services (8%).


Changes in response to the survey

We have already begun making changes in response to specific survey suggestions, including:

  • Increasing hours on Fridays and Saturdays
  • Subsidizing printing and copying for students, beginning in January 2008
  • Enforcing a new policy for high school student use of the library
  • Revising several Passports sections to make them clearer
  • Changing the library closing procedure
  • Improving signage for use of group studies and for locations of additional computers and specialized software

For more changes, see Library actions.


Thanks to all who participated in the survey! Your input is invaluable in helping us evaluate and improve our services and resources.