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Kudos for the library!

Here's what people are saying about the library!

Extended campus/online students

"The library was a great selling point for Webster."


"Dean Rein and her staff are fabulous. I am particularly impressed with the speed and accuracy of document delivery for extended campus students. The database selection is great. Library and services receive an A+ in my book."


"...librarians are to a person helpful and professional."


"Excellent library. Easy to access online and information is easily accessed. Search engine produces results quickly. Very easy to request articles not found in the online database and even easier to get books from the library. I am very impressed being an off-site student."


"The online resources have been invaluable. I couldn't have completed my degree without them."


"Emerson Library is a wonderful resource and addition to the campus. However, it is wonderful because of the librarians and others who work there. Their expertise is first rate and top notch. They are professional and helpful."


St. Louis campus students

"I really love the library, it's one of my favorite places at Webster. Great facility and friendly staff, thank you!"


"The library itself is beautiful and inviting, staff are friendly, and the resources I need are there (or they can be delivered!)"


"The library is a fantastic facility for all students. The staff is extremely helpful and I don't know what I would have done without the resources the library offered me."


"The library itself is something I love to show my family and friends when they come here...."


"The library is one of the better places on campus to work on papers and homework. I think the library is one of my favorite places to be on campus. It is kept very clean, comfortable, and bright, and quiet."


"Being able to complete assignments and research topics necessary for class, from home, has been a life saver for me."


"Everyone is very helpful and friendly, thanks for doing a great job!"


"I love the ability to search and reserve books online."


"The library website is great....very informative and user-friendly."


"The library here on campus is wonderful! Great place to study and great resources!"


"...library is a beautiful building and a very enjoyable space for research, study or pleasure reading."


"A great selection of DVDs and videos."


"It is such a beautiful building with an amazing amount of information. It is a highlight of the campus. I love the extensive play section!"


"The library is a beautiful place to study and work, and the staff is always very helpful."


"I love the Webster library and everyone who works there. I have had nothing but exceptional assistance and service there. Keep up the good work!"


St. Louis campus faculty/staff

"Everyone at the library is truly doing a wonderful job!"


"I find the library outstanding in pretty much every way ... am particularly impressed by and indebted to the wonderful reference staff .... I can't say enough good about them. They are, simply put, terrific--a wonderful resource for the entire university."


"Everyone who I have worked with has been friendly and helpful. I love the new library!"


"The Emerson library is one of my favorite places on campus."


"Emerson Library has been a great addition to the campus and daily life at Webster University. It draws so many people in for many different kinds of use. All those users are a form of resounding applause for a job well done by everyone at the library."


"It is a wonderful place to research, work with students, meet with colleagues, have an espresso.... The reference librarians are extraordinary in their skills and friendliness and willingness to help faculty and students. [Dean Rein's] leadership has been outstanding to create an extraordinary service and environment."


"I love the library. It is beautiful and the staff is very helpful and friendly."


"The library and its staff are the jewel of our campus."


"The library is beautiful and modern. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable."


"The library holdings and staff are one of the strengths of Webster University worldwide. Keep up the great work."


Extended campus/online faculty/staff

"I believe the library is a wonderful tool for the students at my site and they are encouraged to use it every term. Those who have used it appreciate the assistance received from the staff."


"...found the Webster library to be outstanding - both in the quantity and quality of materials available online and in the user-friendly system. I cannot praise the library highly enough to our new students each term at orientation as I urge them to take full advantage of this opportunity."


"I consider the online library the 'best of the best.'"


"The service provided to me and to my students by all members of the library staff has been, and continues to be SUPERIOR. The library programs and service is the best I have seen in my 25 years of teaching."


"These features are some of the most user-friendly, accessible, and up-to-date I have seen with any university! Just a fantastic, free-of-charge resource for students from the baccalaureate to the doctoral levels. Well done!"


"I can't tell you how wonderful the document delivery service is and how promptly queries are answered."


"Great staff....highly responsive."


"When recruiting students, our greatest selling point is our excellent library."


"You provide an irreplaceable function in our overall educational process."


"Passports is GREAT! Easy-to-use, wide range of online databases. Great for research."


Thanks to all who participated in the survey!