Group Study Room Use | Webster University

Group study room use


  • These rooms are intended for occasional group study, not for regular class meetings.  Any faculty member seeking to reserve a classroom should submit that request to their departmental representative who will forward it to the Registrar’s office. 
  • May be reserved, at least one day in advance, by calling the 1st floor Service Desk at 314-968-6952 or using the online reservations form.
  • You may only have 3 reservations for group study rooms at a time.
  • Except when previously reserved, all 17 rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Are reservable only for groups (2 or more people). Patrons who are not with a group and who request an especially quiet area should be directed to the fourth floor.
  • Only Webster University and Eden Theological Seminary students, faculty, and staff may reserve a group study room.
  • A person studying solo may see an empty group study room and use it if it's not reserved.  Other students or staff will, however, require a solo user to vacate the room if a group wishes to use it.