Filming and Photographing in the Library | Webster University

Filming and Photographing in the Library


  • You must get permission to film or take photographs in the library. A request form is available at the 1st floor service and research service desks or in PDF format. Requests should be submitted prior to the filming/photography date.
  • All staff work areas, the Faculty Development Center and the balcony outside the Faculty Development Center are not available for use.
  • Do not interfere with the use of the library by other library patrons.
  • Do not enter a study room, classroom or conference room that is occupied, unless this has been prearranged with the users of that room.
  • Do not film or take pictures of other library patrons without their permission.
  • Request permission to use any additional lighting.
  • Do not move library furniture or equipment without permission.
  • Do not block stairwells, aisles, doorways or any other public areas.
  • Keep conversations and noise while taking the pictures or filming to a minimum. The lower level, third, and fourth floors are quiet floors.