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Tracy Byerly


Tracy Byerly, Interim President and Chief Executive Officer
Amigos Library Services

Tracy Rochow Byerly was named Interim President and Chief Executive Officer of Amigos in October 2019. Prior to that, she served as Amigos Chief Communications and Membership Development Officer since July of 2012, when the Missouri Library Network Corporation (MLNC) merged into Amigos Library Services. She served as Executive Director of MLNC since December 2003 and played a key role in the merger of the two organizations.



In her current position, Ms. Byerly provides vision and creative, strategic leadership for Amigos, works closely with the Board of Directors concerning policy and planning, and engages libraries for innovation, collaboration, and partnerships. Prior to assuming her role as Executive Director at MLNC, she taught many workshops in her role as User Services Manager. Her library career began at St. Louis County Library, MO, where she worked in both public and technical services. Known for her knowledge of consortial management, enthusiasm and positive outlook, Tracy is a popular speaker at library meetings.