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Creating Spifs


Overview on Spifs

A Spif (or Special Interest Feature) is a special piece of content (such as an RSS feed, a quotation, or even just an image) that any page of the website can display, in certain specific areas. The areas where a Spif can be displayed is noted in the Page Properties of every page. This will generally include the left-hand column area and an area below the main content. Each individual page can specify a certain Spif file to display, or default Spifs can be set at the folder level.

Additionally, in Page Properties, each page can specify which "regions" of Spifs can be activated. Each region contains three to four Spifs. Furthermore, each region can be customized to only display certain Spifs belonging to the region.


New Spif Templates

Users can use the New Spif wizard to create a variety of different Spif files, which includes content such as images, text, RSS feeds, and more.  When filling out the template, users must answer the following prompts:

Spif Type

Users must select from one of the following Spif templates.

  • Banner
  • Body Content (Table)
  • Courses
  • Facts and Figures
  • Left Column Feature
  • Main Content Feature
  • Quote
  • RSS
  • Text Content
  • Home Facts
  • Social Promo
  • Facebook 'Like' Widget

New Spif Filename

Users should chose a filename that will be recognizable to other users, and it should be adhere to the same naming conventions as other pre-existing Spifs. 

Overwrite New Spif?

Users may create a new spif with the same filename as an existing spif, as long as their user level allows it. 

New Spif Access

This only affects which users may edit the spif, and not which users may include the spif on a webpage.

Publishing Spifs

Spifs are created as PCF files, but when they are published they are transformed into an include file (.inc). Spifs must be published before they can be included onto webpages.