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Extensible Stylesheet Language

The XSL folder is where XSL files are kept. XSL files are powerful files that transform PCF files into various types of published web pages. Every time a page is previewed or published, XSL is being used to transform the contents of the PCF file into an actual web page. Any particular PCF file can be connected to one or more XSL files, and any XSL file can be connected to one or more other XSL files. Discusses below are a few important XSL files.


Common.xsl is where the most common elements are defined and called, such as the header and footer. Most XSL files that are responsible for transforming pages will use this file to finalize the process.


This file is used to create a generic, universal page. It can also serves as a basis for creating new XSL files for new page types, as most page types are variations of the Universal page.


  • Here, parameters are defined that are common across all OU Campus installations. Additionally, directory variables (used for spifs) are also listed here.


  • Useful functions are defined here. Functions are a special set of instructions to perform common tasks. Other XSL files utilize the functions in this file to perform complex tasks.


  • This file is used only  when a form is placed on a webpage. It transforms the form from the XML the form asset produces into HTML form elements.