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Templates and Editor

Behind the Scenes: New Page Wizards and Page Editing

Within the ou folder are two sub-folders, editor and templates. Together, the contents of these folders help enable OU Campus users to create and edit web pages.


There will be up to three types of files: images, CSS files, and text files (.txt).

Users with access to the source code of a PCF file will notice that each editable region will mention the locations of up to two types of files. CSS files are used by the editor to present users an environment that is as identical as possible to the actual published web page. Text files provide the editor information so that OU Campus users can use Custom Styles, if there are any.


This folder contains three types of interconnected files: TCF, TMPL, and picture files. 

For every page wizard that an OU Campus user can use, there is one TCF file, one picture file, and one or more TMPL files for every type of page/file that is produced by the wizard (such as the index page, and a navigation file). For example, there is one TCF file for the Spif Wizard, one picture file, and a TMPL file for each type of Spif that can created. A wizard can also utilize multiple TMPL files at the same time, such as the New Section wizard (universal page, sidenav, and breadcrumbs tmpl files).