Overview | Webster University


Folders inside the Resources Directory

cssFiles that influence the visual appearance of the website.

documentation — Section that documents the OU Campus implementation of Webster University.

images — Folder that contains placeholder images, backgrounds, buttons, and decorative images for the website. The files in these folders are stored on the production server.

includes — Files that contain content that appears in multiple places in the site, such as the header and footer.

js — Scripts executed by the web browser. The functions of these scripts includes (but is not limited to) supporting the visual appearance of dynamic content, such as galleries and menus.

ldp — File directory for Live Delivery Platform items, which includes forms and galleries.

ou — Contains two folders: Editor and Templates. Editor supports 3rd Level Tagging and Custom Styles, whereas Templates supports New Page and Section templates.

rss — Folder for RSS feeds that OU Campus publishes to.

snippets  Drag-and-drop code sippets that users can use in webpages using the Snippet tool.

xsl — Transform PCFs into web content files such as HTML and INC. These files influence the appearance of newly published pages and all pages on staging.